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Bearsville Center



About Us

The Bearsville Center stands on 15 bucolic acres, just outside of Woodstock. A stones-throw from where Bob Dylan wrote much of his early work, it houses the Bearsville Theater, Utopia Studios (built for Todd Rundgren by Albert Grossman), the Peterson House, Bear Café Restaurant and Bear Cantina.

The spirit of artists who created timeless music within these walls is palpable.

Recently semi-derelict, Bearsville re-opened in 2021 during the coronavirus pandemic. British entrepreneur, Lizzie Vann, has taken the center through a $6m renovation, using Albert Grossman’s vision of an artist’s utopia as her inspiration, but also opening up the Center to a nascent wedding and festival business, driving success for the hospitality aspects of the property.

Lizzie Vann said: “Our goal is to deliver beautiful spaces, great times, and ground-breaking and exciting new music to the world, making Albert’s vision come alive in a new way”

The Bearsville Theater LLC is a subsidiary of The Bearsville Center LLC, and is located at 277-297 Tinker Street Woodstock, NY.

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