News Release: 8/10/2017

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August 10, 2017
Woodstock Museum 18th Annual FREE Film Festival
Independent movies submitted from around the world, music, light shows with Jim C., bonfire and Q&A with many visiting filmmakers on the theme of “Hope”, set under the stars and tents, and simultaneously in two, air-conditioned,  indoor theaters from Wed.  Aug. 30   to Mon. Sept. 4 at Woodstock Museum, 13 Charles Bach Rd., Saugerties, NY 12477. Those attending Woodstock Museum tours on weekend  afternoons from noon till 4PM are welcome to stay, picnic and dine. Woodstock Museum Café opens 6PM with homemade food & refreshments, many of them organic.  Tel: (845) 246-0600 Directions at or GPS Woodstock Museum. All are welcome to bring instruments.  Handicapped accessible.
CONTACT: Shelli Lipton or Nathan Koenig, 845 246-0600  or email

Calendar Listings for Woodstock Museum FREE Film Festival 2017

7PM  “Parade” de Satié Animation mixing quotes from French composer Erik Satié  with the music of Parade.

7:30  The Way of My Life  After chasing his dream for over 10 years, a musician  discovers that he has no talent.

8PM  Mining the Unconscious: Jung & the Artist's Journey  Artists excavate stories & revelations of transformation & healing born from dreams, myths & archetypes.

7PM  Super Chef  A nerd conquers food allergies when concocting with creativity. Q&A

7:30  Mwah  Five pregnant women in a doctor's waiting room. The embryos engage in conversation.

8PM  Stone Story looks back on successes, dreams and family bonds of a family raised as hippies. Q&A

7PM  Roll Call: A Dance Story  Ballroom dance students on wheelchairs dance with non-wheel-chaired partners sharing passion & uncanny talent. Q&A

8PM  Nocturnality Linda Diamond Dance troupe in a mixed media video from Memory's Labyrinth. Q&A

8:30  Bride of Frankie  In this feminist nod to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, a not-so-mad scientist builds a mate for her lonely creation.

9:00  The Bullish Farmer   Investor trades Wall St. for a farm; becomes a lobbyist for GMO labeling, animal rights, crop diversity & organic fertilizers. Q&A

7PM  Fix Animation for a Danish, hard core punk band.

7:15  Calabash and Durian  Explores universality no matter how the world is separated & fragmented via 3 women in distinct worlds & time periods. Q&A

7:45  Woes of a Lotus  Dreams & nostalgia collide in a collage. Explores themes on the fleeting nature of time & fragility of life. Q&A

8:30  Search Engines  Sanity & relationships are tested when mysterious circumstances force a family to survive a holiday without their phones.

10:15  A Whole World for a Little World  As a mom conveys a prince & princess story to her child, the unthinkable occurs.

7PM  Shoot Me Nicely  Photographer searches for a lucrative celebrity photo to re-launch his career. Q&A

8PM  Sacred and Profane Faceless Jacks   An experimental, anti-narrative, cinematic tone poem for those of us lost, unsure and comfortable living within the dialectic...

8:15  Coney Island Dreaming  A young girl finds respite from the harsh realities of life in magical Coney Island when she finds some lost money. Q&A

8:45  Saving Place, Saving Grace  Trappist monastery’s struggle for reformation of their home by embracing an intense sustainability initiative. Q&A

10PM  Do You Like Peacocks?  A group of  autistic adults and their dedicated instructors convene everyday to make art.  Q&A

11AM  The Art of Aping  Imperialism has left a deep Western imprint on India. Animated satire.

11:06  Gardeners of the Forest  How the Chinese market, deforestation, and tourism all play a role in the imminent extinction of elephants in Laos.

11:23  Gonna Be a Soldier   Joey wants to be a doctor when he grows up but his parents tell him he must be a soldier.

11:30  Close Your Eyes..Well  Precocious younger sister fulfills brother's dream of being a concert  violinist while living in a Bagdad dumpster.

11:45  Lone Survivor Gravedigger plays dramatic role when his village is going to be flooded by a newly constructed dam.

12:15  Birthday  Marine husband is wounded. Wife discovers life is going to be an overwhelming and amazing journey.

12:30  Invisible Walls: Tales of Insecurity  Factors that generate invisible walls between people; our different characters share their stories.

12:40  Tokri (The Basket) Two insignificant lives lost and found in time. Animated.

1PM  The Mars Interrogation  A scientist tries to save this dying planet only to find out that Mars is the problem.

1:30  Tapette  Michael is about to move in with his girlfriend but starts to be very anxious about it.

2PM  What the Hell!  In the middle of the desert, a man and a woman, disagree about what cinema is. Their story unfolds.

2:10  A Meditation: Women the Power Paradigm  Six talented women on a quest for professional & artistic fulfillment.

3:30  Doppelganger  Man meets prostitute online on condition it's a one time date.

4:15  The Karamazoffs  '70s SoHo boom of open studios, conceptual art, happenings, performances & video art includes a group from Barcelona.
Rochelle Lipton, CEO
(845) 246-0600