Ex-Congressman To ‘Rally’ Ulster Chamber

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May 08, 2018
Former U.S. Rep. Chris Gibson has been a busy man since leaving Congress last year, but he will find time to address the next breakfast meeting of the Ulster County Regional Chamber of Commerce May 30 in Kingston. The breakfast, sponsored by Begnal Motors, is scheduled for 7:30-9 a.m. at the Best Western Plus in Kingston. 

Gibson is currently the Stanley Kaplan Distinguished Visiting Professor of American Foreign Policy at Williams College. The 54-year-old Gibson served three terms in the US House of Representatives and prior to that, served 24 years in the U.S. Army. He rose to the rank of colonel, was deployed seven times, including four combat tours in Iraq. Gibson, who also holds a doctorate in government from Cornell and also taught American politics at West Point, was awarded the Purple Heart, four Bronze Stars and many other medals during his military career.

At the Chamber Breakfast, Gibson will discuss his recently released book, “Rally Point: Five Tasks to Unite the Country and Revitalize the American Dream.” The five tasks Gibson outlines in his book include: Strengthening national security - Restoring founding principles - Promoting a flourishing life - Keeping faith - Unifying and growing the movement.

“What I present is really a review of founding principles and make the argument that through that perspective, we can actually find a way forward in the 21st Century,” Gibson said. “This is a way of applying the lessons of the past to help us come together as a people to solve the major problems of our time. I think it’s really important to embrace these founding principles because they really helped our country. Our country was really very diverse from the outset.”

Gibson said America in the late 18th Century featured diverse economies and perspectives on a number of issues. “But by committing to the Constitution, which itself was a compromise, it helped bring our people together and helped them make decisions and sort their way through the major issues in a way that still kept us unified,” Gibson said. “At a time when we’re so highly divided in our country, I make the point that this tried and true approach has worked for our nation in the past and, quite frankly, we have walked away from it.”

Gibson’s book also discusses the crushing national debt, which has reached $21 trillion. He noted that he worked to help reduce the annual budget deficit from $1.5 trillion the year before he was elected to $400 billion by the time he left office. We’re on track to double the deficit now by next year,” Gibson said. “I’m paying very close attention to this. I say that that deficit and the debt are a national security threat.”

Gibson argues for a flourishing economy, “where every American has the opportunity to rise to their God-given potential.” He also calls for a return to faith—“not just in God, but in ourselves.”
“Increasingly Americans are throwing their hands up thinking that we can’t fix this,” he said. “They’re losing faith in our ability to be self-governing and that’s a particular concern of mine. We need to keep faith in our exceptional way of life and our ability to be self-governing.”

Chamber breakfast programs are a great way to network with other local business leaders and stay on top of current events. Pre-registration is strongly encouraged. For more information or to register, call the Chamber at (845) 338-5100 or go online at www.ulsterchamber.org.
Ward Todd, President/CEO
(845) 338-5100