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Start a Mobile Customer Loyalty Punch Card Program
Provide customers with VIP treatment through personalized content, time-saving features, superior customer-service and valuable offers
In today’s competitive marketplace, customer loyalty is crucial
In today’s competitive marketplace, customer loyalty is crucial to business growth. It’s much harder to find a new customer than it is to retain an existing customer. Restaurants, retailers, grocery stores, salons, fitness centers and more depend on loyal customers and repeat visits. In addition, regular customers often spend more per visit and are more inclined to sign up for upgraded services. If you don’t provide an incentive for customers to return to your business, they can easily turn to a competitor after even the slightest inconvenience. Businesses can increase their customer retention Call me 845-616-4127 or Text Roy to 69696

Build Customer Loyalty
As mobile wallet adoption continues to rise, 'mobilized' offers and coupons give retailers the opportunity to grow their customer relationships using mobile marketing. Mobile Wallets add a new dynamic to existing mobile strategies and offer your business a powerful tool to drive and track in-store traffic and incremental sales.

Create, Design and Distribute
Offers and coupons are among the most common and desired use cases for a mobile wallet. Although the offer template for Apple Wallet & Android Pay differs from each other in some regards, they both provide a consistent standard for how offers should look, feel and work for iOS and Android users. I will design and provide your consumers with offers and coupons that are easy to use across both major operating systems - and that can be saved alongside consumers' credit cards, loyalty cards, tickets and more in the mobile wallet.

Your Business Scans Punch Card 
The business owner or staff can securely validate the Punch Card and award an additional "Punch" that are instantly added to the customer's Mobile Wallet Punch Card. No more carrying around “old school” paper or plastic Punch Cards.

Reward Loyal Customers 
Once a customer has reached the campaign goal, they receive a mobile reward in their mobile wallets, such as a Free Coffee, or a 50% Discount which they can easily redeem at the point of sale. The business owner is content because the transaction was accurate and secure and the customers leave happy after being rewarded for their loyalty.

Increase Customer Visits And Boost Sales
Loyalty Punch Card programs can increase customer spend by over 10% giving your client more revenue.

Optional Add-ons
Beacons, Geo-Fencing Marketing Technology to your Mobile Wallet Loyalty System and Text Message Marketing

Call me 845-616-4127 or Text Roy to 69696


This software offer add-ons: iBeacons, GeoFencing, Push Notifications, and Text Message Marketing.
ONLY $25 Monthly & ONE TIME $100 DESIGN SET-UP
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