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Production Crew

The Applestone Meat Company
Job Description
Looking for solid production crew members for our two USDA meat processing facilities. Ideal candidates are self-motivated, team-oriented and committed to efficiency. As a government-inspected business, we need people who are acutely aware of their working environment and personal hygiene. Seeking long-term crew members who will become part of our core team; hard-working employees who show signs of excellence will be provided incentive to remain with the company long-term.

Some responsibilities include:
  • Packaging and labeling various meat products for retail and wholesale
  • Cutting, sorting, and packaging bulk trim and fat for further processing
  • Using and maintaining tools and equipment (bandsaw, grinder, linker/stuffer)
  • Maintaining work environment and work practices to USDA regulation standards
  • Monitoring and maintaining food safety in accordance with facility protocols
  • Sanitation tasks such as cleaning work surfaces, equipment and production materials
  • Working constructively with co-workers to maintain a well-oiled operation

This job requires:
  • Sustained work on your feet (daily schedule is 7 am-3:30 pm)
  • Monday-Friday work week (no weekends)
  • Capacity for working in cold environment (below 41 degrees F)
  • Heavy lifting (50 lbs +)
  • Crouching, bending, strenuous physical activity
  • Strong communication skills

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $12.00 /hour
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